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Information on Affiliation

Affiliation means that a player may be called up from their regular team in an association to play at a higher level team in the same association on an as needed basis.

MHRA follows the Ringette Alberta rules for affiliation. These rules can be found here:

Ringette Alberta Rules and Operating Procedures

Before a team can take affiliate players, the coach of that team must consult with the coach of the affiliate player, as well as the parents of the selected player. The use of the affiliate player is not acceptable unless both the coach and the parents of the player approve.

The intention of affiliates is not to strengthen a team, but rather to replace injured or missing players, and/or bring the number of players up to a viable team. The affiliate's main responsibility is to her own team's schedule (practice, league games, exhibition games, play-offs, tournaments, etc).

The affiliation rules are in place to help promote fair play. Fair for opposing teams, the affiliating team and the affiliate's team. Affiliates should not be given ice time at the expense of a regular team players. Affiliates must fulfill their practice, game (league, exhibition, play-offs), fundraising or dry land responsibilities with their regular team regardless of any needs or requests of the affiliating team.

It is expected that all MHRA coaches will abide by this policy. Abuse of this policy will not be tolerated.

Further details as to the MHRA application of the Ringette Alberta rules may be found in the MHRA Tiering Policy, located here:

Medicine Hat Ringette Association Tiering Policy

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